One of the TOP SELLING video series EVER… is now FREE

A  quick “personal message” from Coach V…
PLEASE… read this one full page before proceeding. Don’t miss the BIG… BIG… TIP 

I committed a HUGE part of my life to series, from beginning to end the series took almost 3 years to produce.  For many years this series has helped 1000’s and 1000’s of players, parents and coaches in over 30 countries.  With the advent of the digital online age, as well as a lot of piracy issues, I decided to launch the FREE online version.  This version is going to take MANY hours of work, maintenance, and some costly support functions.  It is greatly appreciated if you make a donation to our cause and help keep it free for years to come.  You should see a DONATE button on the top right side. It is 100% secure and your information is NEVER… EVER… used in ANY way.  Also, there are “annoying” ads that generate a few dollars a month for us on the website and the videos.  Worth the pain for a free service and product. Make sure you share the website with EVERYONE you know that loves the game.

Why SoccerU and Blast the Ball are different… 

This series trains the TRAINER.. not the PLAYER.  
Just WATCHING soccer skills is a waste of time. 

  1. 12 hours of COMPLETE core skill training.  (Yes, we just said 12 hours.)
  2. The series took over 3 years to complete. (Yes, 3 years not a couple of weeks.)
  3. It’s NOT just for little kids.  The series is used by MANY high school coaches and college coaches.  Older players need CONSTANT training on skills.
  4. If you don’t understand what makes up the skill, you can’t teach it. PROFESSIONAL soccer players, now turned coaches, LOVE this series.  It teaches them how to TEACH the skills they have. Remember.. We’ve met lots of great PLAYERS… that are horrible trainers and coaches.
  5. Many of the skills taught on this series are NEVER exposed to soccer players.  Only the very ELITE players in full time academies often get this level of training.
  6. The series is designed to be taught over years. It’s NOT a series of video you go practice in one week.  That’s why many people like to own the DVD. They can return to what they want, when they want.

Our Biggest Tips Before Proceeding… 

  1. Do not rush and do not skip videos. 
    Big mistake. It takes time and the series needs to followed in progression. You’ll learn things early on that will follow you through the series.
  2. Watch the series in full once.
    After that,  go back and watch each skill again before you want to train it.  There is a HUGE…. HUGE…. amount of BRAIN PROCESSING that will take place.
  3.  Expect frustration way before you see perfection. 
    Teaching soccer skills is a life lesson in patience. If a session turns frustrating, leave it and come back later.
  4. BIG BIG TIP…. 
    Yes this is HUGE… 
    If you’re a soccer coach send your players the video / skill you’ll be working on BEFORE the practice.  Tell them they MUST watch before the practice.  Then teach them the skill on the field.  YOU’LL BE AMAZED at what this does to your training time.  It’s like having a private coach work with your players before you try and teach them.

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