Free Soccer Club Director’s Program

We’re not dumb…
We understand that other coaches and parents will listen to club directors.
For us we have always liked to put out product in front of the BEST coaches, at ALL levels, and let them offer their opinions.  In the end… we know that they will find there is NOTHING like SoccerU.

No other series UNDERSTANDS three key elements.

  • Most soccer coaches, regardless of their playing experience, have NEVER been taught how to specifically break down and teach specific skills. The SoccerU Series does this.  Want to prove this?  Ask a coach how to teach the 3 types of slide tackling or how to perform a straight kick. Even former professional players can DO IT… but they can’t TEACH it.
  • TIME… is a critical factor in building CORE soccer skills. Truly great players develop these core skills AWAY from the practice field. Having a parent work with their child at home helps the entire team and the club not just the player.
  • Don’t be the “old coach” with a flip phone. Learn how other coaches are sending a practice session or lesson to their players BEFORE… they hit the field.  That’s right. Your players learn the lesson BEFORE they even hit the field.  Now… (tying into the time thing above) you move past the LONG teaching session and move directly into the PRACTICE session.   It truly is AMAZING what happens when you put this into action.

Who qualifies for a free one year membership?
What are the terms?

  • Any soccer club director whose position can be verified via a club website qualifies.
  • Our logos and artwork may be used to encourage other coaches and parents to get their own membership.  Just link them back to us.
  • No sharing of logins and passwords. A little integrity is all we ask.

If you’re interested just let us know via the contact page.


Coach V and Staff