Frequently asked questions…

Where do I sign up to watch? 
Go to this page HERE  and click the SELECT button.

How do I log in? 
Go here: http://www.soccerwebsite.org/wp-login.php

How do I cancel?
Once logged in… Go to this page: http://www.soccerwebsite.org/membership-account/membership-cancel/

What forms of payment do you take? 
See the image at the bottom, but PayPal is our “payment gateway”. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account. You can check out as a guest and use credit cards.

Does that subscription auto renew? 
No, Your subscription is for one year only. However customers have been asking for that option at a reduced rate. So we added the BEST VALUE option. First year is $19 , each year after is only $9.  Most soccer parents and coaches will use the series for at least 4 years.

Are you a U.S. based company? 
Yes, our company was founded 10 years ago and still remains in Georgia.
All our DVD’s are made in the USA.

Do I get to view all the videos for $19 online? 
Yes, you get to watch all Blast the Ball and SoccerU for one year. If you get the BEST VALUE package, you get them all for $19 the first year, then $9 each subsequent year.

Why do the videos say FREE, but you charge to view? 
We were going to launch a “free” version of this website but we started to see a LOT of abuse and piracy issues.  Lot’s of people just don’t have morals. Just skip the 40 second opening in the videos. Over the next year we will be cleaning them up.

Do I need high speed internet?
The faster the better, but no. The videos are played streaming via YouTube. So if you can watch YouTube videos, you’ll have no problem. But, the DVD’s do make for a better watching experience without concerns in rural areas.

Will they play on an IPAD? 
Great question. YouTube and MAC have long battled each other. Flash players etc.
If you can watch the YouTube preview on the website you should not have any problems.  if you get an error signal, then you probably need to update your IPAD… then go to the GENERAL settings, and RESET your IPAD.  If you have issues please let us know what you’re using including what IOS version you have.  Often the YouTube APP will go away when you do this and the new version of YouTube player will launch.

What about privacy and security? 
We store NONE of your personal info or payment info. Your payment transaction is done via a third party payment processor.  They only time you have to worry is when websites STORE that info. We NEVER do. Read: The Best and Shortest Privacy Statement Ever

Do your DVDs play on computers? 
Yes, as long as you can play normal (movie rental) DVD’s they will play.
Most modern PCs play them. The are REAL DVDs made via a production company.

How do your DVDs ship? 
They ship the next business day via USPS priority mail.

What the payment page looks like once you click the PayPal button.